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The Search is Over.

With the explosion of content creation and the growing number of digital platforms, audiences spend too much time searching.  There are too many choices.  We know time is precious.  With that in mind, our goal is to provide recommendations for quality movies and TV series.

How It Works

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Human Curation

iGEMS.tv will maintain a “curated” platform of content recommendations.  We never want to be a “volume” play.  As you know, some of the larger platforms have 7,000 titles.  Others over 15,000!  Let’s face it. There are not that many quality movies and TV shows.

Yes, certain platforms have developed cool data-driven recommendation engines, and we will certainly track audience preferences and integrate your ratings. Other sites have some great search engines; but we believe there needs to be a “human” curation element, and a focus on a certain level of quality.  And yes, everyone has their own tastes.  What one of our programmers recommends may not be for everyone, but it will be for many.  In some cases, we will help you discover content you may not know about.  In other cases, we may simply reinforce a movie or TV show you’ve heard of, though you want to be sure it’s worth your time.


Each week, we will share our picks of the best new titles currently in release, across a myriad of platforms.  While these will often include a few titles you may already be aware of, they are weighted with high quality titles that may not have the multimillion dollar marketing budgets, or may still be flying under the radar.

Word of Mouth

And what about word of mouth?  Recommendations from reliable friends and family, with similar tastes, means a lot.  iGEMS will provide that platform, where you can create your user profile, save projects to your Watchlist and allow your "fans" to follow you. A Social network for movie and TV lovers.

Black Diamonds

What we've learned from programming film festivals over the years is that there are great stories to be shared.  Many a gem has been discovered on the circuit, movies without big name directors or A-list talent.  Some of the more obscure foreign language and indie titles may seem too challenging or obscure for some audiences, but we hope to broaden horizons along the way, with these Black Diamonds.  Often times, those taking the risks reap the rewards.

iGEMS Data Sources

We built this platform to help solve audience frustration, and to help save you time. That means our data and how we use it is very important.

One resource iGEMS uses for images and information is an open-source platform, The Movie Database.