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Citizen Kane

AFI 100 Years, 100 Movies

The American Film Institute's list of the top 100 Movies of all time, voted on by film professionals, filmmakers, historians and distinguished movie critics.

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Top 10 by Martin Scorsese

With Martin Scorsese's latest movie, The Irishman, opening in Theaters this week, prior to the Netflix launch later this month, it's a great time to catch up on his 10 best. They are all available for streaming, from his early work (Mean Streets) to the reigning champion (GoodFellas). 10. Mean Streets 9. The Color of Money 8. Cape Fear 7. King of Comedy 6. Casino 5. The Departed 4. Taxi Driver 3. Raging Bull 2. The Irishman 1. GoodFellas

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Athlete A

Top Docs of 2020

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Cold War

Festival Faves: Celebrating Fall in Toronto

Fall is the best time of the year for movie lovers, and one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world is in full swing. The Toronto Intl Film Festival has ushered in many great movies, as far back as The Big Chill. In this collection, we take a trip down memory lane, presenting a diverse slate of movies coming out of Toronto that may not be on your radar, all of which scored well with audiences and went on to secure Oscar nominations.

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