What is iGEMS.tv?

iGEMS is a recommendation engine, created to save you time. We want to help you find the best movies and series fast, so you can watch rather than search. We believe in human curation, rather than relying exclusively on machines. You will receive weekly recommendations, and have the opportunity to track movies and series of interest.

How do I receive your Recommendations, email, blog, text?

That’s up to you! We will send out newsletters to our subscribers (yes, that’s free) with weekly picks, but also have blogs. If you would rather receive text reminders about your favorite shows, that’s fine too. Enjoying podcast in your car or during exercise, we plan to have that too!

Is it free?

While there is a premium/membership-paid portion of iGEMS, yes, there will always be a free portion as well. You can always register for free. To have your own user profile, or receive updates, you will need to register, but that takes 1 minute and you’re on your way.

Are you a social network?

We believe people like to share their picks with friends and family, like old fashioned word-of-mouth. So we created a platform that provides an opportunity for audiences to track their movie and shows, create collections and share away. You will have an opportunity to share with your Fans or follow others. Part of the fun is discovering a new show from someone who has similar tastes.

What about all this Machine Learning, AI and Algorithm mumbo jumbo?

Simply put, humans have found a way to build machines that can track your interests, content preferences, histories and favorites. Some other content platforms use these tools, but we believe it’s more affective if the pool of content is smaller, with some quality control. Our tools will certainly keep track of what you are watching and liking and these factors will contribute to what we recommend for you; but we are hoping you like our iGEMSelections and what your friends are watching even more.

What are Black Diamonds?

We believe in the idea of discovery, and there have been many great movies made over the years, many of them winning awards at film festivals, or more expensive studio projects that didn’t get the marketing love – and these gems are now buried in big platform libraries.

Do you have an App?

Not just yet. To have an App for IoS and Android, and for Apple TV, Roku etc, we want to be sure we’ve designed the right fit for our audiences. We have one in process and once we have enough feedback from you and your friends, we will finish the build and bring Apps to market. In the meantime, our site is mobile responsive, so it looks great on your phone. Also, just click share and “add to home screen” to have it on on your phone.