iGEMS Tutorial

iGEMStv was created to help you discover quality movies and series, so you can spend more time watching, instead of searching. We cover the content universe, making our selections and provide you with links to the all digital platforms where you can watch them. Our goal is to save you time. We will be your guide, your social network and your personal content archive.

To be sure you know how to navigate the website, we’ve outlined a Tour for you below, with the following categories. Review as needed.

If you would rather just watch a 3-minute video tour, skip down (or click here).

Happy watching!


You can use the top navigation (Movies, Series, Collections) to narrow your focus, or scroll down through the carousels. If you have registered, your Watchlist will be at the top, followed by Trending, Selections (our featured picks) and then Genre categories. Featured Collections are next, followed by our Black Diamonds and then Fans, where you can see what others are watching, rating and reviewing.

The slider and carousel graphics include Where to Watch links, as well as buttons to Watch Trailers. All graphic images take you to project Detail Page, where you can learn more, watch trailer and also see Where to Watch.


Where to Watch

Whether you are looking at the top sliders, scrolling through the carousels, or learning more on the detail pages, there will always be a link you can click to see Where to watch. Clicking on this link, you will see a pop up box with links to all the platforms where you can see these movies or series.

These platform links open another window and take you to that movie or series detail page, where you can play. Note: If it is a subscription service, you will either have to be a member or sign up to play movie or series.

where to watch



To track your activity, have a Profile page and follow other fans, you just have to Register. And yes, it’s FREE.

It’s a simple 3-step process that takes less than 5 minutes. (1) Click Register in top menu, and add your name, password, email and short description of yourself (you can skip ‘description’ if you don’t feel like being clever) and upload a photo if you want. (2) Check email and confirm subscription. (3) You will then be re-directed to a login page, before seeing options of Genre categories, as well as Movies and Series examples, to give us an idea what you like to watch. Check the boxes of interest.

Done! Now, when you click the tracking icons (see those descriptions below), all your actions will be stored on your Profile page.

Black Diamonds

These selections are a combination of indie fare, foreign films or other titles that may not be on your radar. They likely played film festivals and received critical acclaim, but never achieved the success they deserved. Most of these movies have some social relevancy and often challenge audiences.

We encourage viewers to take a risk and broaden horizons. The rewards are often greater with engaging stories that push the envelope.

black diamonds

Profile Page

profile instructions

We believe word of mouth is a key element in discovering the best movies and shows. That’s why we encourage you to create your personal Profile Page, as a social networking opportunity, to share your movies and series picks with friends and Fans. All your activity will be archived here.

For example, when you use the icons (seen, like, rate and/or review) or add to your Watchlist, those details are stored on your Profile page for all your Fans to see. You can also create your own Collections. After you Register, you will just login and find your Profile in the dropdown under your avatar.


These compilations make it easier to connect movies or series by a certain theme or subject. Whether it’s a top 10 list, or a celebration of a certain genre, we hope you discover new titles that you may not have been aware of, in a category of interest.

We also encourage you to create your own collections and top 10 lists to share with your Fans, which will be archived on your personal Profile page.



icon explanations

The following icons give you a quick and easy way to track movies and series:

If a movie or series sparks your interest, just click the and it will be added to your Watchlist. If you’ve already seen it, click the and if it’s a title you like, click the . Feel like rating and/or reviewing? You can do that too with and icons. All of these actions will be archived into your Profile page for you and your Fans to see.

Watch a video to learn about iGEMS: