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Film Festival Mastery - Filmmaker Edition

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Course Description:

Launched in 2020, this online course has become the Gold Standard. In addition to 5 video modules and a full suite of templates, festival lists and other resources, the course comes with personalized viewing of your film, custom submission strategies and bi-monthly live coaching calls. What's In The Course? Developing Your Own Custom Festival Strategy // So you can get into the RIGHT festivals and avoid the spray-and-pray! Getting The Most Out Of Your Festival Budget // You can not only save money, but actually MAKE money as a filmmaker! The Why & How Of Staying On A Programmer’s Radar // Build festival allies and develop insider connections! Building Your Audience & Brand On Social Media // Build a massive audience base and sell out your screenings! Maximizing Your Festival Participation // Leverage your experience to catapult your career goals! The Keys to Getting the Right Distribution // How to get the best deals, reps, and opportunities as a filmmaker! To learn more, visit FilmFestivalMastery.com, or click the register link above to see free webinar and learn more. NOTE: This online course is ongoing. Sign up and watch the videos, review the materials and visit the Membership area at your leisure. TOTAL VALUE: $7000+


Jon Fitzgerald


Jon has over twenty years of experience in the independent film, internet and film festival communities. As a Co-Founder of the Slamdance Film Festival (1995), he led the event the next two seasons before being named the Festival Director for the prestigious AFI Film Festival in 1997. After running AFI Fest for three years (1997-1999), he created a consulting business, guiding the launch of numerous film festivals (Bahamas, Lone Star, Orlando), directing several others (Santa Barbara, Naples, Hollywood), and consulting to dozens more. As a consultant, he has guided many independent film projects through the maze of festivals and hybrid distribution models. Jon authored his first book in October of 2012, entitled Filmmaking For Change: Make Films That Transform the World. The 2nd Edition was published in October 2017.

Justin Giddings


Justin Giddings is an award-winning filmmaker who found creative freedom through crowdfunding. After becoming the “go-to guy” for crowdfunding advice, Justin combined his background in marketing with his experience in crowdfunding and launched www.TheKickstarterGuy.com. He regularly teaches at Film Independent, is an official Kickstarter Expert, and travels internationally to speak of film production and financing. To date, he has coached over 130 filmmakers, raised $5 million, and has a 97% success rate.