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Movie Marketing Makeover

How to Create Raving Fans for Your Indie Films

Course Description:

The Movie Marketing Makeover isn't your average marketing course. You won't learn the flashiest new social media tactics, or anything of that nature. Instead, we're going to dive deep into the fundamental marketing principles that actually drive success. You'll learn how to target the ideal audience, and how make them an offer they can't refuse. We'll also dig into how to run quick/cheap tests, so that you don't waste precious resources on marketing campaigns that were doomed from the start. This is the only course of its kind for indie filmmakers, and it's totally, 100% free. Click on the Video link below for a taste, to see Lesson 1. And click register button above to take the 4-part course. https://filmmakerfreedom.com/

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Rob Hardy


Rob Hardy is an indie filmmaker, marketer, and entrepreneur who's obsessed with one core question: how can indie filmmakers make the films they care about, and actually earn a living from it? On his Filmmaker Freedom website and podcast, he explores the various answers to that question with more depth and detail than anywhere else on the web. Rob's on the cutting edge of creating new distribution and marketing models that work in our increasingly noisy, competitive world.