What is iGEMSpro?

With the increase in production of indie films, and the expansion of distribution opportunities, we wanted to create a resource for this community. Anchored by a Directory, which will provide filmmakers with a platform to sell their movies directly to buyers, we will update the site with articles, podcasts and other resources to support their efforts.

Is there a cost to use iGEMSpro?

Access to our landing page, with articles, blogs and reports will be complimentary. For filmmakers who want to be included in the Directory, you will need to sign up for iGEMS+. In addition to the Directory marketplace opportunities, you will get the Independent Players Guide and all the benefits that come on the iGEMStv side, which includes Rewards Points for activity, cool prizes and free movies. Click here to learn more about iGEMS+.

If I’m a buyer, do I have to pay a fee to access the directory?

For buyers and film festivals, access to the directory is free. For buyers and festivals looking for targeted Watchlists, we will create custom packages on a case by case basis.

If I’m a filmmaker, and I have a sales agent, can I still use your services and be part of the Directory?

Yes! It will be up to the content owner to decide what information to include on the Registration Form. For those with a sales agent, or producer’s rep, they can be listed as the Primary Contact.

When will I be able to add my movie to the Pro Directory and allow sales to begin?

The Directory is currently being designed, with our first slate of film projects being implemented. Our goal is to have the Directory go Live by June 1! If you have a film and are interested in being part of our big launch, send us an email: directory@igems.tv

If I’m a content owner, and our title(s) are licensed via iGEMSpro, do we have to pay a commission to iGEMSpro, or is there a revenue share we have to agree to?

As a registered Member of iGEMSpro, you will have the option of negotiating your terms directly with the buyers and we do not share in any of those license fees or revenues. However, should you pursue an additional Distribution or Aggregation Package, with personalized iGEMSpro sales representation, there will be some future revenue sharing included in a final Agreement.

With all the articles, blogs, podcasts and reports, will I have a way of tracking what I want to review?

Yes! As a registered user, you will have access to your own ProList. You simply click the + button on any of the thumbnails and they will be added to your ProList. Next time you come to the site, simply use the dropdown menu by your Avatar, and you will see link to your ProList, with all the items you have added.