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Platinum membership includes benefits that can be enjoyed when using both iGEMStv and iGEMSpro. Take a look at these benefits below.

In addition to the resources and tools included in your membership, one of the most important features of the iGEMSpro platform is the Directory. iGEMS is taking a proactive approach to connecting filmmakers with buyers and film festivals. You can simply input your film data and a link to your trailer, and both will be automatically added to the Directory.

Another exciting new feature is The Mine, a deeper dive, for members only. These articles are sent right to your inbox, providing key solutions to the challenges facing independent filmmakers.

In addition to Platinum Membership benefits, there are Add On services should you want to pursue targeted Aggregation, Producer Representation, or custom Festival strategies.

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Platinum Benefits

iGEMStv Platinum Benefits

  • iGEMStv Guide - Subscription to our weekly Movie & TV newsletters, with extras and targeted notifications.
  • Ask Ruby - Have your own personal concierge, as we recommend specific titles for your mood, party or movie night.
  • Ad free experience - Surf the carousels without seeing sponsored Sponsored content promotions. (Coming soon)
  • Custom Filters - Option to have your carousels only present Movies & Series on channels and platforms you subscribe to. (Coming soon)
  • FREE Filmocracy Membership - Premium Membership for movies on Filmocracy.

iGEMSpro Platinum Benefits

  • iGEMSpro News - Subscription to our weekly Movie & TV newsletters, with extras and targeted notifications.
  • Discounts and giveaways from our affiliate streaming partners.
  • Access to Film Performance Charts and Reports.
  • Personal Dashboard Feature to track articles, podcasts and widgets.
  • 50% off all iGEMSpro Courses
  • 25% Discount on all Filmmaker Services (Producers Representation, Sales, Film Festival, Marketing and Distribution Package).

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