The Bear

Top Food Series

It’s summertime, and with an assortment of food-themed observances this last month, we’ve pulled together a collection of food-related series. From narrative stories like The Bear and Julia to competition cooking series like Master Chef. Pull up a chair, grab a plate, and have a taste.

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Breaking Bread

Celebration of Food

Food movies have been trending up the last few years, especially on the reality competition and travel shows. Since there will be plenty of cooking this week, we thought it would be fun to pull together some of the better "food" films, from narrative classics like Big Night, to the more health conscious docs, like Forks over Knives. Have a taste.

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Top TV Series of 2022

With Emmy Nominations coming, this week’s collection showcases the best of this year’s new TV series. Of course, we include some of the hot buzzy titles, but if it’s a season 2 or season 4, you probably have already seen it or heard about it. We think it’s important to uncover a number of lesser-known shows, that you may not have heard about.

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The Pride of the Yankees

Baseball Collection

America's greatest pastime is back from the pandemic. Stadiums are open. Crowds are cheering, and heroes are playing. See classics The Bad News Bears and Field of Dreams, or the more recent Moneyball. For a deeper dive into the history of the game, see the 11-part doc series on Baseball by master Ken Burns.

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Cannes 2021 Films Now Streaming

As Cannes gears up for its 2022 edition, it's a great time to take a look at some of the highlights from last years Festival, now available for streaming.

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The Commitments

Music Movies

This well rounded sampling offers a full range of narrative, music driven movies. Classics Purple Rain and The Blues Brothers share the stage with bio pics like Walk the Line and indie favorite Once. For music in film lovers.

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Music Docs

Bringing two of our greatest art forms together, is better than peanut butter and chocolate.

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Top New Family Movies (since 2015)

Whether it's family movie night or just a chance for kids to see a fun movie, this Collection has something for all ages and interests.

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